These images have been taken during two separate protests that took place in London over the last three weeks. People have taken to the streets to demand that the seemingly-always-promised-but-never-really-achieved racial equality finally be established as a societal norm. One of the main achievements of the Black Lives Matter movement has been the official recognition of the Black Curriculum proposal, which seeks to establish a new education system that involves the history Black British communities and that schools start teaching students about the slave trade that took place in Britain's former colonies. 
On 27.06.2020 people had organised demonstrations in light of Shurki Abdi's death, a young refugee girl who drowned in a river and sadly passed away near Manchester and whose questionable death was never examined in court, despite having family members including her own mother state that she had been terribly afraid of water and would never voluntarily go into it. Unfortunately, this is only one of many cases of refugees or people of colour passing away in mysterious circumstances in the UK with no serious investigations taking place. 
During last Sunday's (12.07.2020) peaceful demonstrations many people, both young children and adults, had the opportunity to speak about their experiences with police brutality, systemic and institutional racism, and some shared their difficulties of fleeing countries like Yemen and Syria which are both being torn by civil and international wars. Common comments were that there is still a lot to fix within black communities first such as gender inequality before people of colour could expect real equal treatment from other races.
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