​​​​​​​This project was inspired by my many days and nights spent on the 29 Bus one summer when I lived in Wood Green, to and back from work. When I found out that the Night 29 is the route with the most stops from the whole 673 buses which run throughout the city, I decided to follow both the daily and the night bus in order to capture the diversity of the neighbourhoods and places they travel through. The 29 departs from Trafalgar Square and terminates at Wood Green, passing through Leicester Square, Camden Town, Finsbury Park, Green Lanes and announces its final stop at Wood Green Station. The N29 goes even further, additionally travelling through Palmers Green and eventually reaching Enfeild. All along, the scenery, the people and the atmosphere are constantly changing, and the variety of experiences and thoughts written on each individual person's face that ​​​​​​​embarks on a journey via the 29 is noteworthy. 
Tourists, people out on the town on weekend nights stumbling up the stairs of the bus and always having a topic on hand to be very vocal about, exhausted bar and restaurant staff, young people living in Camden, the seats around you are always occupied by someone talking to the person next to them (or trying to), on the phone, to themselves, to their equally drunk mate, to the driver, the sound of 5 different conversations going all at once never dies down, and you can oftentimes hear people's daily personal struggles without so much as having to try. This is why I have also added the quotes underneath some of the photos, they were things I overheard people say at or around the respective stops mentioned and therefore parts of the project's narrative.
Feel free to make up your own mind as to what kinds of stories and lives these sentences are from. 
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